SUE YOUR BANK:  How to Fight Back with Little or No Money, Make Sense of Your H.A.M.P. Nightmare, & Take Back Your Life!

  • A no-nonsense book written by a national mortgage fraud expert who has successfully done it.
  • In the first verdict of its kind, mortgage fraud expert Alan R. Sims assisted homeowner Dave (his real name) slay Goliath Bank of America.
  • Sims has since helped homeowners fight other GIANT banks nationwide.
  • This book offers a simple recipe on how to sue a bank, even if you can barely afford it.
  • SUE YOUR BANK offers easy-to follow instructions to help you fight back, negotiate with your bank, restore your credit all without going broke or spending years in the legal system-even if you have already lost your home.




Written for Struggling Homeowners who…


  • want solutions that cost LITTLE or NO MONEY
  • want FAST SOLUTIONS that will NOT have you spending years and dollars in legal limbo
  • are finding it FRUSTRATING to communicate with your bank
  • are FACING FORECLOSURE (or ALREADY HAVE-even if it was YEARS ago)
  • want to know HOW TO REPAIR YOUR CREDIT
  • want continued support AFTER you’ve read the book
  • are in  H.A.M.P. right now-or are considering it
  • are looking for answers when SO FEW EXIST
  • need to know this:  YOUR BANK is COUNTING on you NOT to FIGHT BACK!